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      Polyclonal Antibody to Cardiac Troponin I (cTnI)

      TNNI3; TNNC1; CMH7; C-TnI; Troponin I Type 3; Troponin I Type 3, Cardiac

      • 心肌肌鈣蛋白I(cTnI)多克隆抗體 產品包裝(模擬)
      • 心肌肌鈣蛋白I(cTnI)多克隆抗體 產品包裝(模擬)
      • 心肌肌鈣蛋白I(cTnI)多克隆抗體 DAB staining on IHC-P; Samples: Porcine Tongue Tissue; Primary Ab: 20μg/ml Rabbit Anti-Porcine TNNI
      • 心肌肌鈣蛋白I(cTnI)多克隆抗體 DAB staining on IHC-P;
        Samples: Porcine Heart Tissue;
        Primary Ab: 20μg/ml Rabbit Anti-Porcine TNNI3 Antibody
        Second Ab: 2μg/mL?HRP-Linked Caprine Anti-Rabbit IgG Polyclonal Antibody
        (Catalog: SAA544Rb19)
      • PAA478Po01.jpg Figure. Western Blot; Sample: Recombinant TNNI3, Porcine.
      • 心肌肌鈣蛋白I(cTnI)多克隆抗體 Western Blot; Sample: Mouse Skeletal muscle lysate;
        Primary Ab: 0.5μg/ml Rabbit Anti-Porcine TNNI3 Antibody
        Second Ab: 0.2μg/mL?HRP-Linked Caprine Anti-Rabbit IgG Polyclonal Antibody
        (Catalog: SAA544Rb19)
      • 心肌肌鈣蛋白I(cTnI)多克隆抗體 Western Blot; Sample: Porcine Skeletal muscle lysate;
        Primary Ab: 0.5μg/ml Rabbit Anti-Porcine TNNI3 Antibody
        Second Ab: 0.2μg/mL?HRP-Linked Caprine Anti-Rabbit IgG Polyclonal Antibody
        (Catalog: SAA544Rb19)
      • 心肌肌鈣蛋白I(cTnI)多克隆抗體 Western Blot; Sample: Porcine Heart lysate;
        Primary Ab: 0.5μg/ml Rabbit Anti-Porcine TNNI3 Antibody
        Second Ab: 0.2μg/mL?HRP-Linked Caprine Anti-Rabbit IgG Polyclonal Antibody
        (Catalog: SAA544Rb19)
      • 心肌肌鈣蛋白I(cTnI)多克隆抗體 Western Blot; Sample: Mouse Heart lysate;
        Primary Ab: 0.5μg/ml Rabbit Anti-Porcine TNNI3 Antibody
        Second Ab: 0.2μg/mL?HRP-Linked Caprine Anti-Rabbit IgG Polyclonal Antibody
        (Catalog: SAA544Rb19)
      • Certificate 通過ISO 9001、ISO 13485質量體系認證




      Western blotting: 0.5-2μg/mL;
      Immunohistochemistry: 5-20μg/mL;
      Immunocytochemistry: 5-20μg/mL;
      Optimal working dilutions must be determined by end user.







      編號 適用物種:Sus scrofa; Porcine (Pig,豬) 應用(僅供研究使用,不用于臨床診斷!)
      RPA478Po01 心肌肌鈣蛋白I(cTnI)重組蛋白 Positive Control; Immunogen; SDS-PAGE; WB.
      PAA478Po01 心肌肌鈣蛋白I(cTnI)多克隆抗體 WB; IHC; ICC; IP.
      MAA478Po21 心肌肌鈣蛋白I(cTnI)單克隆抗體 WB; IHC; ICC; IP.
      SEA478Po 心肌肌鈣蛋白I(cTnI)檢測試劑盒(酶聯免疫吸附試驗法) Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for Antigen Detection.
      KSA478Po01 心肌肌鈣蛋白I(cTnI)檢測試劑盒DIY材料(酶聯免疫吸附試驗法) Main materials for "Do It (ELISA Kit) Yourself".
      CGA478Po01 心肌肌鈣蛋白I(cTnI)cDNA PCR、蛋白表達等


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